Hey guys.
I tired to do a search for this but its either fairly old or it does not apply.

The problem I am having is that after logging in (I spawn in Sanctum) I am fine for a little and then I get a "Disconnected from server. Press ok to reconnect or cancel to exit the game". This happens less than a minute into the game. It was perfectly fine when I installed the game and played for a while then I started getting the "Failed to connect to game server" message when I try to log in with my character and then eventually I would go through after a few tires, and now this.
I would get it in the morning today, then it was fine for a few hours and then started again.

There are no firewalls on my computer except for the windows one and besides, nothing was changed or tinkered with.

Tried restarting everything as well as doing the recovery option, etc. Does not seem to help.

Anyone else having this issue or maybe it sounds familiar to anyone?