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Thread: Chat window annoyance

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    Default Chat window annoyance

    This has bugged me since beta. If I click in the input section of a chat window all text goes there. That makes sense. But clicking elsewhere should remove the focus from the text input box. It doesn't. This usually happens when I am surrounded by mobs and need to run, but can't because my movment keys are happily getting sent to the text box. At which point I need to decide whether to hit enter and spam everyone in guld with random garbage or backspace out of it at which point I am usually dead.

    As I run with a few chat boxes up on a multiple monitor setup, I first have to figure out which box even has the focus and that leads me to another suggestion. There should be and option to make one chat window your primary for text input.

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    there is an option for click to move in options menu

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    I'm not at my Rift machine to confirm this works, but does hitting ESC remove focus?

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