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Thread: Stuttering, Lockups and Crashes

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    Default Stuttering, Lockups and Crashes

    Since upgrading my GPU I haven't had much problem with graphics outside of PvP; and even then if I just turn down the settings I'm able to manage.

    What has been getting at me more than anything is the massive loading times, constant stuttering, lockups, sound loops and spontaneous lockups followed by crashes.

    This didn't happen to me in Beta. My CPU, weak as it is, isn't even being pushed beyond 50%, at least according to task manager. This has all been a post-launch problem. I'll be walking along and suddenly lock up anywhere from one to fifteen seconds. I'll unfreeze, likely to find that a mob has wandered and by a beat down half my health during my downtime. Sometimes when I'm riding around, regardless of my graphics level, a lockup will occur that freezes up Rift long enough to trigger an error report prompt. And then the error report prompt will freeze up my computer, forcing me to reboot. Hell, earlier today I had a particularly nightmarish scenario where I'd crash a few seconds after logging in at Meridian, forcing me to relog. continually. several. times. just to get out of my own city. I can barely stomach teleporting there anymore after that.

    So again; not a framerate issue.

    I really would like to know what's causing this and if anyone has found a fix for it. I've changed my MainThreadCPU variable to 0, but that's the only CPU-related tweak I've heard of that's done anything, and it isn't working for me. I've got AMD Cool&Quiet disabled in my Motherboard settings and my CPU should be running better than ever with all the de-dusting that happened to my PC since the problem started showing up. =/

    As a note, some other people have symptoms similar to mine, where when they load the game their framerate is really good, but it gradually deteriorates to terrible over several seconds. 'Memory leak' is what some people say, and it's the exact same problem I had in DA:O with my old card.
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    No info? Not even basic system specs?

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