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Thread: RU Game registration serial code faulty

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    Default RU Game registration serial code faulty

    I just got my CE edition of the game through the post from Game, however when I try to apply my serial code from the inside of the manual I get an error message stating that "We are unable to redeem your voucher at this time. Please try again later."

    Is this becasue the servers are down or have other Eu people had the same issue with the codes from the Game CE boxes?

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    I am wondering the same.

    I get the error:
    " Currently only have PREORDER key"

    So when I go to my account to apply the RETAIL KEY on the back of the RIFT book I get an error.

    Also a question.
    I thought the game (preordered) had 2 months gametime included? Need to know this because we dont use PalPal or Creditcards but Ideal.

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