I'm loving my time in Rift so far, and overall it's amazingly polished. I've only run into one real issue so far, and though small, it's fairly frustrating.

After completing the Silverwood puzzle and receiving nice purple chain shoulders that would have been a great upgrade when I hit level 20, I noticed that the item was missing from my bags upon getting to town and hitting level 20. I was fairly sure that I hadn't vendored/trashed it, as I'm usually pretty careful about that stuff, but mistakes happen. I placed a petition about it, and unfortunately the item was unable to be restored. (I had linked the name in guild chat shortly after getting it, but could not recall the name at the time of the petition (that chat had faded from the window by that time).

Upon completing the Gloamwood puzzle and receiving a nice blue chain helmet for level 25 (I'm currently 24), I ported back to my bind location and checked my bags. The helmet was missing as well! I'm fairly sure I hadn't somehow trashed it in those few moments, and nothing else was missing from my bags. I sadly didn't even get a chance to get the name of the item before it disappeared (I suppose I should have learned my lesson at that point), but it appears that rewards from these Dusty Sacks are either never making it into my bags from the sacks, or are disappearing shortly after that.

I have since placed another petition about that helmet, but I was curious if anyone else was having this problem. I haven't experienced any looting problems that I've noticed outside of these bags and, while it's a small issue in the grand scheme of things, those items would have been pretty good upgrades for my Cleric's career, including his first and only purple so far. Even if those items will never be restored, I hope that this can be looked at and addressed for future puzzles and other players.

Good luck, and congratulations on an otherwise stellar game!

(My character is Derwin of Faeblight, if that information helps).