If u have latency problems in Rift , the problem is your provider TPSA. No mater if u are using Netia, UPC or Neostrada, u are still on cables of TPSA.
TPSA has changed traffic shaping policy in whole Poland or will soon change your traffic shaping setup on (Intlv[LP0]). Before we had traffic shaping (FAST) what was giving us good latency.

TPSA says that they have changed it so our internet will be more stable, but in my opinion that is bull**it.
They just dont wanna spend money on fixing some old internet lines in Poland.
Only way how u can bypass your ISP's traffic shaping is by visting one of these pages:
battleping.com, fixmylag.com, smoothping.com, strongvpn.com BUT it cost's around 15$ per 3 months.

So now, dear gamers in Poland, we need to pay for internet connection + game subscription + fix the lag, whats equal for me 55$ (and normal sellery in Poland is 350$)

Sry for my bad english, hope this will help to play this game on normal pings like 50-100ms.
Atm i have 70ms by using battleping program, before my latency was 350-2000ms