I'm starting to get really peeved now that I have payed 30 for a game I cannot even play. To patch this game up takes 15 hours but everytime I start the patching process somewhere along the line the download fails. And then i restart the process all the way from the beginning again. Why doesn't the patch restart from where it failed last?!?!! The last attempt (Overnight last night) reached 4.4 gig which is the most I have downloaded. I'm really getting frustrated now that I gave Trion some of my hard earned money as to be honest they do not deserve it. After seeing so many posts in these forums with people having the same kind of problems you would think there would be a sticky or something letting us know they are trying to sort this issue out. If anyone asks me if Rift is worth getting then from this experiance i'm going to tell them not to bother. Not worth the hassle.