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Thread: Click Box Healer

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    Default Click Box Healer

    Does anyone have this addon anymore with the update after the Primalist came out?
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    Unfortunately it looks like it hasn't been updated in well over four years:

    I have been very busy. New baby added to the family and all. 6 months have past and things are going pretty well. For those interested, I would like to get back into updating this or at least hand it over to someone interested in carrying it on. I however cannot provide support for the new Dream Souls added recently as I myself do not have them and therefor cannot test them
    You can try and see if it works but be aware of "issues"

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    If the addon itself isn't working you can try using Gadgets. You can add a Raid Frames Gadget that's heavily customizable and does mostly the same job.

    I also run Lifeismystery Unit Frame an addon for Gadgets. It adds a new cleaner looking Raid Frames and has some options the original doesn't.

    I've been using these for years now and haven't had a problem.
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