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Thread: Clique"" style addon?

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    Default Clique"" style addon?

    I'm wanting to find an addon similar to the addon Clique for WoW

    For starters, I want to be able to middle mouse click my portrait to cast a heal and middle mouse click an enemy portrait to taunt.

    I have a macro to start, bound to middle mouse on a bar button

    #show Interfere
    cast @mouseoverui Interfere
    cast @mouseoverui Touch of Life

    The issue I have is its working even if I do not mouse over the portraits and so mouseoverui seems to be ignored.

    Any thoughts, or, an addon that will control this for me?

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    I am not absolutely certain, but I believe there are 2 things that can impact the functioning of your macro.

    1 - The @mouseoverUI command interacts with many different parts of the UI, not just the portraits. It's possible that you could be healing or taunting due to that.

    2 - One of your powers is a heal. And as I understand the priority logic - heals are gonna go over no matter what. If your targeting indicator (@mouseoverui) does not apply, then the next priority is your target. If your target is friendly, it will cast on your target. If you target is an enemy, it will cast on your enemy's target if it is friendly*. And if none of those things apply, it will cast the heal on you which is always default.

    *you must have cast on target's target turned on for this portion.

    There are a few other things that might make your middle-mouse button do more of what you want. Key binding options in RIFT itself and of course if your mouse has binding abilities. There is a key option in the Settings for a "self-cast" key, but I don't know how to use that. There is also the @self target. However, having a heal in the macro means it's always going off, no matter what. (I'm pretty sure).

    good luck.

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    The gadgets addon allows you to cast abilities mainly healing abilities and cleanses via middle mouse button, left/right click, and scroll wheel. However, this is limited to only healing, as you cannot middle mouse click a mob to taunt them.
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