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    CuT&NoT - Rift Currencies and Notorieties Tracker (was CUT).

    CuT&Not is the evolution of CuT, now it tracks currencies and notorieties.


    - Tracks Currencies for current session, current day and current week.
    - Tracks Notorieties for current session, current day and current week.
    - Shows Balance (in/out) for currencies (mouseover the number)

    1 -> Clicking on "CuT" switches to "NoT" view and vice versa
    2 -> Clicking on "Session Currencies" cycles between "Session->Today->Weekly" both for Currencies and Notorieties.
    3 -> Clicking on the lock locks/unlocks the window, when unlocked move it with RIGHT-mouse click+drag in the central panel (not on teh title bar).
    4 -> Clicking on the "X" closes the window, click on the minimap button to re-open it.
    5 -> LEFT click cycles between currencies and notorieties in same view (session, today, week).
    LEFT+drag resize window horizontally.
    RIGHT click show/hides titlebar (tiny view).

    Movement: to move the window and the minimap icon use RIGHT-click + drag.
    Language: should be language agnostic.
    Mouse Wheel: on main panel zooms fonts.


    Have fun, Snailtail@Typhiria.
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