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Thread: [addon] Easy Mail - problems after Crucia Claw

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    Default [addon] Easy Mail - problems after Crucia Claw

    Since Crucia Claw (must be related with adding *relist all* option) all expired AH mails starts from {auctionexpired}Auction Expired. Before it was only Auction Expired and name of item. I have no idea now what is in expired mails withought clicking on them. its *** hard now to find something if for example somebody want sth for trade or anything else. Anybody know what change/fix in addon files?

    and yes I have to use it, withought it I cant take items from expired AH mails since forever and its not fixable
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    This seem to be a bug of the rift API (or at least an undocumented change).

    You can circumvent the problem by replacing the file emMain.lua by this one: https://gist.github.com/kinnou02/e6a...91e6b9a5cd5e0e

    the lines added are these one: https://gist.github.com/kinnou02/e6a...-lua-L272-L274

    This is a pretty ugly fix, but it should be effective
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