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Thread: [Addon] RaidBuffCheck

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    Default [Addon] RaidBuffCheck

    The addon checks the buffs (Weaponstone, Flask, Food, Eternal Buffs) of all players in a raid.

    The buff check is triggered with a rdy check or with /rbc check. With /rbc me you can activate only your own buffs are checked.

    [Addon] RaidBuffCheck-rbc.png


    /rbc check - start raid buff check
    /rbc me - monitor only my buffs (switch on/off default is off)
    /rbc font=X - to change font size (default=12)
    /rbc background=X - to change background transparency (X=0-100)
    /rbc seconds=X - Remaining time of the buffs until a warning occurs in seconds(X = 0 - 600)
    /rbc reset - restore the default settings

    Download: https://mods.curse.com/addons/rift/274372-raidbuffcheck
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