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Thread: UI Scaling - Disable/Bypass Cloudsaving?

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    Default UI Scaling - Disable/Bypass Cloudsaving?

    Hi folks

    Im running rift on two different computers/screen resolutions, but seems that devs made a blunder and save all ui scaling* options etc in the cloud and i have to adjust every time i log in on other pc?

    Any way to bypass it?
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    You can save UI layouts and keybindings on your machine. You open the game, make all of your changes then do /exportui filename.
    This will save your ui settings in a file names "filename" in your Rift base directory.
    You can do the same with keybindings with /exportkeybindings filename.

    I use my characters name and then add .ui and .keybindings to the filenames just to keep them separate. No need to do this you can use any naming convention you like. In your case maybe use the resolution.

    This is very useful when creating new characters of course and I think it will help for you.
    You will have to login and do all of your adjustments, then do /exportui "resolution1". And do the same on the other computer. /exportui "resolution2".

    Then on either one you can create a couple of macros "Resolution1" and "Resolution2" these macros will simply have one line /importui "resolution1" or "resolution2" . Running these macros or /importui will reload your UI.

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