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Thread: Add on advice needed please

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    Default Add on advice needed please

    I currently am using several, ok, a few more than several, different add on's and I was wondering if it is efficient to continue using them individually or go to something like nkAdvisor.

    Info about me, I solo, I don't raid & don't really care if what my dps numbers are as long as I'm the one killing the mobs & not the other way around...lol

    Currently I have:

    BisCal (have used in past, just re-loaded it today)
    altoholic (haven't sat down & played with this yet to be honest)
    Heartometer (this constantly giving me an error & saying out of date)
    MegaMap (can't remember why I had downloaded this but must have had a reason)

    Am I better off just using those? I basically just need something that I can track what my alts have/holding without having to either write it down or log them on, something showing where the carnage quests are, the regular quests, yes, I am a completionist, oh, need something to help me find the puzzles (that may be the MegaMap, can't remember), love RareDar. Tinker_tools is a must since there are times I do nothing but sit in one of my dims building stuff...

    Oh, and if there is something better than what I am using, please let me know. I recently (a month ago) came back from a year break due to r/l health issues so I am out of date & relearning whats where & what's changed....

    Thanks tons in advance for your help!!

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    If you have Completionist running, Quest_Finder and Carnag Book are unnecessary, because Completionist have the same inside with an UI to look for missing quests and carnage.

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    I couldn't find anything about MegaMap so I'm guessing that was what MapExtension (https://mods.curse.com/addons/rift/mapextension ) used to be called?

    --altoholic is seriously out of date.

    --Replace Heartometer with nkReputation (https://mods.curse.com/addons/rift/nkreputation)

    --Add nkCurrency (https://mods.curse.com/addons/rift/nkcurrency) if you want

    --Crafting Material Information (https://mods.curse.com/addons/rift/c...al-information) can be useful, especially since you said you've been away for awhile.

    --If you're an Artifact collector, I'd suggest trying Indiana's Artifact Catalog of Doom (https://mods.curse.com/addons/rift/indy) though it takes a bit of time to fully set up on all toons as you need to open your artifact tab and manually tell the game you've already collected every single artifact per toon. If you use this and need or want extra help, just private message me or post on the comments of the link.

    Other useful and/or popular addons are:

    Just go to the Rift addons page on Curse (https://mods.curse.com/addons/rift), sort by Monthly Downloads and look through that. There are tons of mods on that site so read the comments to see what's actually been updated. Sorting by Recently Updated gives alot of false results as most of the mods got auto-updated listings on Curse on January 2017. Some of us players have actually posted our own updates on some addons that we play but the creator(s) don't.

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    Thanks tons for the help!!

    I had just started to set up some of the nk add on's last year before life interfered so never finished so when I came back, I had disabled & deleted everything, then downloaded some that I knew & some that looked interesting.

    I will set up some of the nk's that fit me and thanks for the info on the whole auto update thing for January 2017, was wondering about that.

    Will definitely give you a shout if I need some help, thanks tons for the help and advice, both of you It is much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riede View Post
    Info about me, I solo, I don't raid & don't really care if what my dps numbers are as long as I'm the one killing the mobs & not the other way around...lol
    That describes me exactly, as well. I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers fun over being top on the dps charts, even though I'll admit I do like to improve my numbers, but it's not top priority or anything.

    Anyway, the addons I use are:
    • Gadget (and several Gadget extensions)
    • CuT (Currency Tracker), which displays the last several amounts and types of currency you've collected*
    • Stat Weights
    • Imhothar's Bags
    • Karuul Alerts
    • RareDar
    • Align
    • Bis Calendar

    *CuT seems to cause addon error alerts, but it nonetheless *is* functional on my box, so far.

    I also use a few others, but those too are on your list already. Anyway, I know this is an old post and I'm not a chronic necro-poster or anything, but just was surprised someone else had the same mmo gaming patterns and philosophy I did. It seems fairly rare for someone to like to solo, quest, and prefer fun over trying to be "the best", so I had to reply. Hope you're still enjoying Rift and if not that you're enjoying another cool game (ArcheAge, Trove, GW2, dare I say, WoW?) Happy hunting and happy New Year! =)

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