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Thread: Items.xml enhancement?

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    Hi, would it be possible to include an <AppearanceSet>Newb Rags</AppearanceSet> field in Items.xml? When we hold our mouse over an item and the tooltip pops up and says that it's a part of the Newb Rags set, we don't seem to have a way of getting that text.

    Including it in Items.xml seems much simpler than reworking the API.

    I don't know how the data's structured, but if there's a way to simply generate an intersection table of ItemKey and AppearanceSetKey | AppearanceSetDesc and sticking that in a new Appearances.xml then that'd work just as well for the community.

    It sounded like 2017 is the year of refactoring so I thought I'd leave this here. Just got Starfall and looking forward to playing it and working on completionist things.

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    This has been asked for before, and the answer given was that is not easy.

    Some more info
    I can never find again the "mentioned previously" Tacitus mentions in that post. Somewhere there's a longer explanation from him about why this request your take a lot of work.
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