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Thread: Add On for Crushing Xarth's Skull Event?

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    Default Add On for Crushing Xarth's Skull Event?

    My guildies and I would like to know if there is an addon available/becoming available for the new LFR Fortress Seige Event...
    We were wondering since, besides the Cross Event channel announcement, there doesn't seem to be any warning to get people together for the Fortress Seige, and by the time there are enough people there and coordinated, the event either fails/times out due to organizing raid groups and the like.
    I am asking if someone has or is working on a event timer for this specific event.
    I remember when I played WoW there was an addon you could use for monitoring chat for specific key words the user specified (such as mage, mage portal, portal to...etc.) and would love to find something similar in Rift.

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    there's going to be a more wide-spread announcement soon

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    Maybe this addon will help you.

    The Addon monitors the chat messages and alert you when certain phrases/keywords appear in the chat channel.
    As an example, you are looking for a Raid for qf. If both words (qf and lfm) appear in the chat channel you'll be informed. The advantage is you can running Rift in the background watch a movie, surf the web etc.

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