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Thread: How to hide text errors from cancelbuffing not active toggleable buffs?

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    Default How to hide text errors from cancelbuffing not active toggleable buffs?

    Pardon me if this question is redundant (or asked already somewhere), though I've had trouble finding questions and answers related to this.

    There's some classes that have a buff "stance", or togglable buff, which can be toggled on and lasts until its cancelled (toggled off), and (usually) incurs a penalty of sorts when its active. Rogue Riftstalker's Planar Splash (to enable ST attacks to deal AoE damage, at cost of ST damage) is one example, as well as Mage Harbringer's Charged Blade (which buffs slashing attacks at cost of charge and not being able to generate charge at all when Charged Blade is active), among many other examples out there.

    Starting with Mage Harbringer as an example, there's moments where one wants Charged Blade active when spamming slashing attacks, but off when using a non-slash attack (especially ones that generate charge), and one may macro Charged Blade into abilities to have one less keybind (or to improve play efficiency). In doing this, I use macros along these lines:

    #show (A slashing attack)
    cast [notactive] Charged Blade
    cast (a slashing attack)
    cast (another slashing attack)


    #show (a non-slash attack)
    cancelbuff Charged Blade
    cast (a non-slash attack)

    Such macros during plays have worked perfectly for me, though the cancelbuff Charged Blade spams a "Could not cancel unknown ability: Charged Blade" error white text in my general chat tab every time that macro is pressed while Charged Blade is not active. Inserting a suppressmacrofailures line, like in

    #show (a non-slash attack)
    cancelbuff Charged Blade
    cast (a non-slash attack)

    have not helped at all.

    I was able to work around this by switching to a different chat tab, which the error text fortunately won't appear in, though unchecking messages from system won't help hide these errors messages in general tab. Even though I have a workaround, I'm curious to know if someone has found a way to hide the error message that's yielded from cancelbuffing a buff that's no longer active, especially since the suppressmacrofailures command is not helping at all with that kind of error message.

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    Nope. Make a separate chat tab.

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