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Thread: Using /abilitybar to place macros?

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    Default Using /abilitybar to place macros?

    I've been looking into /abilitybar to make some pop-up menu type hotbars such as this from Final Fantasy 14:

    I've got it mostly figured out. The syntax is "/abilitybar SLOT ABILITYID", with slot being anywhere from 13 to around 220 something depending on which bar and slot you want it on. The abilityID is a 9 or so digit number such as -61359830 for Side Steps, or 110223285 for Empyrean Bolt. When used with /abilitybar the abilityID seems to be the same for both normal and legendary abilities. I don't have an easy list of all the abilityID's, but found that if you look an ability up on Magelo (example https://rift.magelo.com/en/ability/1.../Empyrean-Bolt) the number at the end is the ability ID.

    A full example of this would be "/abilitybar 13 110223285", which would place Empyrean Bolt, either legendary or normal, in slot 1 of Hotbar 1.

    Having said all this, my question for anyone who's used this before: Is there an abilityID for a macro, or some other Syntax to use /abilitybar to place a macro? Something like "/abilitybar 3 macro1" etc.

    Edit: After some more testing, I realize I also need a way to clear up hotbar slots, and to assign items too.
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