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Thread: how to stop shift modifier?

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    Default how to stop shift modifier?

    I don't know if i should be posting here but i couldn't find where else to post it.

    is there anyway to make the shift button an actual keybind instead of just making it a modifier?
    i ask because my keyboard has a weird placed shift key and it would be better off as a keybind then just being useless as i don't use any modifiers at all.


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    I'm afraid that's not possible, could just work with esdf instead of wasd if you need more space, razer naga is also an option though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elayara View Post
    I really would like to answer to that, but no matter how hard I try, I find no way to do that without tripping over some of the red lines that are in place here.
    So at least I cannot discuss anything I want here, even though it is not personal, no vendetta, no rant, no trolling - just a couple of facts I dare not mention here.

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