Hi folks

There'll be an update for nkAdvisor and the nkAdvisor:Loot package going live on Curse in a short while. I have re-worked the whole Loot module and cleaned it up.

There are somes major changes besides the look & feel:

I no longer need to package that huge lib of items

This means I can add items much faster as I no longer need to constantly import and parse the Rift XML file. Thank god I got rid of that process.

The funny thing is the tools were there all along and it was only that my thinking was blocked.

Included instance maps

For each instance the map is shown and the positions of the bosses are marked. Click on a boss sign and the loot table will show to the right.

nkCartographer support

If you also use my nkCartographer addon the boss positions will also show on the nkCartographer map. By clicking on a boss icon nkAdvisor will open up and the appropriate loot table be shown.

nkRating support

if you also use the nkRating plugin you'll see a small green up arrow on the icon of items which are considered an upgrade. Move you mouse over the item to get a tooltip showing the details of the rating.

[Addon] nkAdvisor:Loot-nkadvisorloot.jpg

For the first re-release I focused on the instances and experts and left the raids out for now. They will come in shortly but first I need to get hold on some of the new maps. Also I wanted to support people leveling for a start.

Hope you guys enjoy the update. If you find a missing item please drop me a note (didn't work well in the past but hope dies last )