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Thread: [Add-On] Pull Timer

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    Default [Add-On] Pull Timer

    AUTHOR: Kapnia (Original)

    DOWNLOAD: Pull Timer

    I modified the code to run on a slash command with user input instead of a configuration window. If you prefer the configuration window, you can click here.
    • Type "/pt #" without the quotation marks into the chat command console.
    • # represents a number between 0 to 59 (e.g. 1 all the way to 58).
    • It will "only" display above 9 in chat-console (coded to be like that, I can change it upon request), all numbers above 9 to 58 will be sent to the Chat Console instead (can be changed upon request).
    • Works with both Party and Raid Group composition (for Non-Raid Dwellers).

    NOTE: Everyone in the group must have the Pull Timer Add-On to see the count-down timer.
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