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Thread: Make raid frames show only non-raid-wide debuffs

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    Default Make raid frames show only non-raid-wide debuffs

    Raid frames tend to be clustered with debuffs that affect the entire raid:
    Make raid frames show only non-raid-wide debuffs-raid-frame.png

    Is there a way to hide raid-wide debuffs (which you can simply use kalert) on raid frame, and only show those that affect a few players, like Curse of Greed from Thalguur, Sulphurous Blight from duke etc?

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    With the built in raid frames, no. Best suggestion I can offer is to get a raid frames addon like Gadgets.
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    Try gadgets > raidframes > healing. It shows things that should be cleansed by turning that persons raid frame purple. Nearest I can think of covering what you need.

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    Gadgets Lifeismystery raid frames has a white/black list option where you can customize what buffs/debuffs you want to see or not see aswel.
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