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Thread: Anyone using imohar bag addon?

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    Question Anyone using imohar bag addon?

    This addon is horribly buggy for me yet others in game say they have no problem with it. I suspect it's my combination of options.

    I have it configured as just one large bag with no sorting.

    When I delete or sell an item, I end up with a null item in that grid (often times it's an icon I don't even recognize or something I haven't ever even had in my bag)

    When I /reloadui at that point it completely breaks the addon and I must relog to fix this.... which is a pain because I lose my spot in queue.

    Anyone else have this issue and/or know of a work around?


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    Well the reloadui issue has been explained here:

    Other than that, I only use this addon for the enhanced tooltip, I never actually open the bag UI ^^
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    I use the Imhobags addon, but only in a limited capacity. I use it for tooltip popups of how many of items my alts and guild have, as well as being able to check my alts' inventory/bank remotely. I still use the default bag interface.

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