I see some people use version 2.01 but i only can find the 0.11

If you know where to find a better version please post.

Anyway i tryed to "fix" easily few thing like put 8 bag instead of 7 from inventory. 36 bag slot instead of 32 etc... But i totaly dont know what i m doing. Exemple why guild bank tab have 105 slot while it should be 735 i dont understand.

If anyone of you know anything about bankit please share some tips.


Like how to make floating button appear when i open bank, atm they only appear if i loot from minion or if i resize the game. I use a macro, but i prefere when it was the floating button so it dont take precious space on my hotkeybar.

This add on for manage dimenssion item or artifact is very very great, i m very surprised there is no more post about it. Or no post at all.