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Thread: Get addons through glyph?

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    Default Get addons through glyph?

    I play rift through glyph, is there anyway I can still get addons this way?

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    Yes, there is. Press esc when you are in game and click 'Addons'. A new window should pop up. You will find a button 'Open addon directory' in the bottom left. Click that and there you have your addon folder.
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    GET addons, no.

    Get to the addons folder, yes as the poster above has shown.

    If you want to download addons you'll need to go to www.riftui.com or www.curse.com/addons/rift

    Once you've downloaded the addons you want you open them in Winrar or whatever program you have and drag n drop the folder inside into your addons folder. Once that is done you can hit refresh in game or /reloadui to see the addon.
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