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    Default PABuffs

    I have decided to update Adelea's awesome little addon called "PABuffs" (originally found at http://rift.curseforge.com/addons/pabuffs/.)

    I have placed my version at https://github.com/Amadeus-/PABuffs If you go to that page, there are instructions on installing/upgrading PABuffs. I've also included instructions on how to submit new abilities.

    Anyway, I've made a few fixes (e.g., tooltips) and have added most of the rogue/warrior stuff. I don't make any promises to keep it going...but, as long as I play Rift (and/or when I return to the game in the future), I'll probably keep it updated since I use the addon myself. You're all welcome to keep an eye on my github repository of this project for all future updates.

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    Thanks for this game, gonna test it out right now!

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