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Thread: Cross-server macros?

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    Default Cross-server macros?

    If I make a toon on another server, is there any way to save my macros & action bar settings somehow and then import them? It would be awfully tedious to have to switch back and forth and manually retype everything.

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    Only via transferring a character. Make on old server, import settings/macros, transfer to new.
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    Well depends on how you mean but yeah theres some ways.

    If its everything (same class, or whatever) then just go into your Rift folder.

    Rift -> Interface -> Saved -> Account -> Shard -> Character and copy that folder.

    Go back to where you select shard and take the new one, new character and paste.

    Otherwise try

    exportui name
    exportkeybindings name

    then on new char

    importui name
    importkeybindings name

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