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Thread: Kalert question

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    Default Kalert question

    i recently shard xfered and sadly my kalerts went bye bye

    I gathered all my kalerts again, imported them to kalert, and later on that day I logged back into the game and they were all gone again.

    Is my game haunted or does anyone happen to know what may be going on?

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    If your characters don't log off normally (IE, the game crashes, you close the game using Alt+F4, task manager etc) then addon variables added during that session are not saved. This goes for any addon data at all that is saved and persists between game sessions.

    Although, if you go to C:/Users/<name>/Documents/RIFT/Addons/Saved/<your email>/<your old shard>/<your old character's name> you should be able to find the KAlert file still there and you should just be able to copy that (make sure to exit the game before doing this, or strange things can happen) to your character's folder under the new shard, open the game and things should be just as they were before you transferred.
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