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Thread: Summon/dismiss macro for Defiler's beacon

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    Default Summon/dismiss macro for Defiler's beacon

    Lately I've been playing around with the Defiler soul, and I noticed just recently that Hideous Reconstruction persists on my beacon even after I dismiss it. I'm trying to build a single macro for beacon management so that I don't have summoning, dismissing, and HR on separate hotkeys.

    Ideally, I'd end up with a macro that summons my beacon, if it's not already active. If the beacon IS active, the macro would pop HR on the beacon before immediately dismissing it. This way, I have an instant HoT lined up for the next time I summon the beacon.

    It seemed that this macro would have served that purpose...

    #show Summon Beacon of Despair
    /cast [notactive] Summon Beacon of Despair
    /cast @pet Hideous Reconstruction
    /cancelbuff Summon Beacon of Despair

    ... which is generally true, until a situation in which the beacon is active, but the summon skill is off cooldown. In that case, the beacon just gets resummoned where I stand, as if the [notactive] modifier isn't in the macro at all. Like I said before, all I want is a basic [Summon -> Hideous Reconstruction -> Dismiss -> repeat] macro.

    Is there a way to accomplish this, or am I just trying to boil the ocean?

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    You're trying to boil oceans, sadly. The [notactive] directive is only meant to be used with abilities that are toggleable (like Alternative Treatment).

    Here is an article that describes the behavior a bit more.
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    Not possible and you shouldn't need to be keeping HR on your beaon anyway. It counts as a link and will generate stacks of FG on the beacon so you can just target it and use Loathsome or Ghastly to proc the stacks of FG.

    The only macro that will be beneficial here is the cancelbuff portion and pets will always have hots/buffs/debuffs persist on them after they desummon because they're not active and retain anything on them when they are just desummoned (and not killed.)

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    Ive been playing Defiler since it came out and love it. HR shouldn't really be cast on anyone unless you literally have nothing else to do. just heal the beacon once to pop you FG stacks on it.

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