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Thread: All I want is a simple boss cast bar

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    Default All I want is a simple boss cast bar

    I'm using KBM with no addons, and let's say I want a fairly large upper mid-screen cast bar for the Quogon encounter, as an example. I don't want a cast bar when I'm trashing mobs in an NMR, but maybe I'd like to see the Boss when he appears. I see I have 4 cast bars to choose from: Boss, Focus, Target and Boss-Left/Boss-Right (I have no idea what-the-hell that is). I don't generally set focus. For some reason, the bar doesn't appear during the fight or defaults to a small bar off to the left. Can you guys help?

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    Nothing on the market that would fit your needs exactly I'm afraid.

    I'd suggest checking out these two addons:
    • Gadgets - cast bars for the player, their target, focus and the targets of focus and player's target. You would probably want to have a focus cast bar slapped somewhere visible and set the target you want to track as your focus. Shift+F is the default keybind. The chat command "/focus" would work for this as well. You can use it in a macro and put it on your hotbars.
    • TCB - It tracks your target by default, but you can change it with "/tcb focus" and "/tcb this" commands. The latter will make it track whatever you're targeting at the moment. I believe both can be used in a macro.

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