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Thread: Addon for Recently Used Casts?

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    Default Addon for Recently Used Casts?

    In some Youtube videos I watch they often have a small box scrolling the 5 or 6 most recently used casts or is it a display list of the most often used casts of that character (e.g., fireball, etc.) and the damage it's done. I'm not talking about the continuous scrolling stuff that can appear in the middle of screen with funny icons and damage. This is contained in a box about the size of the minimap and often to the left or right of the character.

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    Are you referring to something like:

    If so, that's a typical function of most DPS meters, if you click on someone's name. This particular screenshot is from Rift Meter.

    EDIT: If you have a link to a specific YouTube video, we can more easily determine the specific addon.
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