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Thread: Need help on FPS Issue :( thank you!!

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    Question Need help on FPS Issue :( thank you!!

    Hi guys

    My FPS is unusually low on this game... I have around 20-30 FPS on Medium to Ultra graphics and around 50 for minimum graphic, with a ROG g751JT... The issue gets worse as I enter areas with more graphics and went as low as 1 FPS in a NMR.

    I have:
    GPU: Nvidia GTX970M
    CPU: i7 4720HQ
    Ram: 24GB
    Windows 8.1 64 bit

    My friend has a Lenovo Y50 with:
    Nvidia GTX860M
    i7 4720HQ
    16GB ram
    Windows 10

    And he runs perfectly fine with high FPS at at least 40 on ultra graphics even in the same NMR I was in...This made me realise I had an issue.

    Appreciate any help! Thanks!

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    Addons can have some impact on FPS (gadgets and KBM if you have alot of unit frames/castbars bringing in all the player's information).

    Since Rift is poorly optimized anyways it isn't always good to lower all your graphics as you can lose MORE fps dropping some.

    Some of the biggest killers of FPS are shadows and Ground clutter.

    I posted this in another thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Boase View Post
    I posted this in another thread.


    Those are my settings. I use Nvidia Control Panel to run Anisotropic Filtering so the game doesn't have to. I uncapped my fps and i'm getting 81fps in TB, 48-55 in Margle and 25-32fps during combat in 20mans. Putting Shader slider to half gave me more fps than having it at zero aswell.

    For gadgets I only use raid frames, castbars and debuffs for certain skills. Having alot of unitframes and stuff can lower your fps.

    I'm running a Nvidia 970, 16gig ram, and an i5 3570K @ 4.5ghz. Sure its alot but only the CPU changes alot for RIFT. Going from stock 3.6GHz to 4.0 alone gave me 15fps.

    EDIT: Don't think its possible to run @ 60fps in raid. Most people run around 12-20fps I've found. Anything over 25 is smooth for rift in 20mans.
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