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Thread: UI Moving

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    Question UI Moving

    For some reason my UI is always changing. For example, if I set my Notification Messages box in the middle and save it, upon getting a message this window will move either to the left or right never where i set it. This happens with most of my UI elements. I have tried Global Scale and no Scale. Currently it is set to Off and i configure everything manually. This problem is VERY bothersome as it can affect my raid performance. Example, if i the boss is directing a mechanic at me i can't see the message on my screen because its not where i put it. PLEASE HALP!!! Thank U.

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    It has to do with the item not always being active so it has nothing to anchor to. Anchor UI elements to other elements and you'll find that your UI will not move around all the time.


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    Default Not Enough Space To Attach To In Ui

    Not Enough Space To Attach To In Ui. Thats What Trion Told Me Whn I Find My Bags Would Keep Getting Pushed Around. You Can Not Overlap Or Attach To Another Spot On Your UI If There Is Not Enough Room

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