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Thread: [Addon] KAlert not displaying Conductive Medium properly

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    Default [Addon] KAlert not displaying Conductive Medium properly

    Recently my Conductive Medium KAlert stopped working properly. It now just shows a white "?" with a black background. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    There are different things you can try. First of all, delete the old alert and then type /reloadui to save the changes. Then you can try one of these:

    1) recreate the alert and hopefully it will work
    2) ask someone to create it and share it with you
    3) search the forums for guides of your build and use the alert the guidewriters often provide
    4) open karuul and check the bottom right "Enable Ability Scanner". close karuul and run a NTE where you use all the abilities you usually use. once the NTE is finished open karuul and remove the checkmark. close karuul and type /reloadui and reopen karrul, create the alert again.

    If abilities are not known, shown by a missing icon or a error message, then karrul will not add alerts for it yet. That's what the ability scanner is there for. Everything karuul learns while this scanner is enabled, is stored in a pretty large file. If an alert worked and suddenly stopped to work, then this "ability library" was most likely damaged. By importing an alert (directly or someone share an alert with you) or by enable the ability scanner, karuul will re-learn about this ability and you should be able to use an alert.
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