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Thread: Quick Question about KBM

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    Default Quick Question about KBM

    I'm just getting into NTEs and thought I'd try KBM. Are the default settings of the addon generally acceptable for all encounters or do I have to change them before I get into an instance? I don't see much beyond Boss and Target CastBars or whatever that are configurable. I don't want to get into my first NTE and get to the first boss and suddenly have the whole screen covered with unnecessary or misplaced information. Too bad, there's no way to test these settings without having a boss handy.

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    Just go to level 50 GSB. KBM will show you lots of stuff on the bosses and since you cant really die there, you have plenty of time to configure KBM as you like.
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    if you are able to speak/understand french, you can check here


    the google trad version: https://translate.googleusercontent....RuwcQG6_g#last

    it's a little guide i've wrote for my guildmates

    you can find all the releases at the end of the topic

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    All the default stuff is fine. What you might need to enable are the timers. If you click on certain boss encounters and go to the timer tab you can click Enable.
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