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Thread: Need help with recursion and event release

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    Default Need help with recursion and event release

    I kind of brute-forced together a simple auction-data dumper that takes a list of ItemIDs and dumps out the last N days of their sales. It works, but it's rather clunky (failing to fully output all the items 2 out of three attempts) and leaves a bunch of extra data in the output buffer whenever I look at stuff in the AH because I haven't figured out how to properly release the Event.Auction.Statistics attachment I made...

    I figure I can make it lot more reliable if I replace the giant list of Command.Auction.Analyze statements with a recursive call to a list of ItemIDs for which Command.Auction.Analyze is invoked for each item. I'm not sure how to structure that, though.

    I've tried to figure out how to properly use the Command.Event.Release, but I can't seem to get it to work correctly.

    Can a more experienced LUA scriptwriter help me out? Thank you very much in advance!!!

    main.lua code is below, with about 100 lines of Command.Auction.Analyze removed for simplicity.

    function slash_tomAD(handle, parameter)
    Command.Auction.Analyze("I1091DE8137246EB9,EAFD7219AC1D485E,,,,,,", Inspect.Time.Server()-1209600, Inspect.Time.Server() )
    Command.Auction.Analyze("I1091DE8745B004B8,0B5E3063DF685777,,,,,,", Inspect.Time.Server()-1209600, Inspect.Time.Server() )
    Command.Auction.Analyze("I0950846DB676B5E7,F3C29B2C42E2029A,,,,,,", Inspect.Time.Server()-1209600, Inspect.Time.Server() )
    Command.Auction.Analyze("I1091DE83116726AF,1CE39086AAAB7486,,,,,,", Inspect.Time.Server()-1209600, Inspect.Time.Server() )
    Command.Auction.Analyze("I1091DE8573665437,E294B493E311FC08,,,,,,", Inspect.Time.Server()-1209600, Inspect.Time.Server() )
    Command.Auction.Analyze("I50A53B9488A8D7C4,1C928C161D0812FC,,,,,,", Inspect.Time.Server()-1209600, Inspect.Time.Server() )
    Command.Event.Attach(Event.Auction.Statistics, function(handle, itemtype, data)  print(itemtype) dump(data) end, "TomAD")
    Command.Event.Attach(Command.Slash.Register("TomAD"), slash_tomAD, "TomAD")

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    There is no Command.Event.Release, I guess you mean Command.Event.Detach ?

    The following is what I do when I need to do something once, when the player finishes loading:

    local addon, SX = ...
    function SX.Event_Unit_Availability_Full(h,t)
    	for k,v in pairs(t) do
    		if v == "player" then
    			Command.Event.Detach(Event.Unit.Availability.Full, nil, nil, nil, addon.identifier)
    			-- do stuff
    Command.Event.Attach(Event.Unit.Availability.Full, SX.Event_Unit_Availability_Full, "Event.Unit.Availability.Full")
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