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Thread: Can macro modifier affect the performance?

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    Default Can macro modifier affect the performance?


    Hypothetical, if i use spam macros with multiple lines that make use of modifiers (shift, ctrl, alt), would this affect the perfomance? Could it cause ability lag or have other side effects?
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    Even if it does, compared to your ping & random ability lag that rift sometimes gifts us with *cough* features *cough* its not noticible.
    On the same side you could consider lag appearing from using macros at all, or lag from not using them and using keystrokes instead.

    Checking if you're holding Ctrl isn't exactly resource consuming using code, so I'd say that it doesn't change your performance.

    #Edit: Also checked with a macro consisting of 20 ctrl/shift/alt modifiers and normal casts, and I didn't notice anything interesting, at least on my PC.
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