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Thread: DPS Meters

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    Default DPS Meters

    (PSA: yes, I've searched, and yes, I know there's more than one meter. I'm asking for opinions here, mostly; from those who know more about the subject than I do.)

    So because I like to know how well (or how bad) I'm doing, which is particularly important in this game given the vast amount of builds (and variants) available, I'm curious of something.

    I'm currently using Rfitmeter (the Recount-inspired meter) to record DPS. However, I'm curious if there are any better meters available, or more accurate ones (not saying Riftmeter is inaccurate, but for all I know it might be compared to another).

    So, thoughts/suggestions? I think there's only a few available on Curse, and there's also ACT that I've read a bit about. I'm mainly curious with my own DPS, but one that showed other party/raid members would be nice as well.

    Thanks in advance~

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    Rift meter is very good.

    Saying that running dps meters is game changing and not in the good way, they take all the fun away from the game as you spend 80% of your game time looking at that box wondering "why am I not doing x amount of dps"

    I have removed all my meters ... yes I ran two, and I enjoy my game more now than when I was looking at numbers ..... every now and then ill put them back on to see if im still happy and topping charts for an ego massage but really is it that important if you do 18k or 18.5k who cares right ?

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    I personally use Super Meter and have been using it for quite some time. It works well and is also capable of tracking absorbs.
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    They are useful beyond the dps numbers.

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    For a raider, using a dps meter is crucial to understanding the fight better because a good dps meter doesn't show just dps, it shows specific abilities causing specific things to happen at specific times that may just cause you to change your gameplay to suit the encounter based entirely off of your dps meter findings.

    I personally use Super Meter for a couple of reasons:
    1) I like the interface. I used Simple Meter in the past and when it progressed to Super Meter the transition was painless and simply gave me more features without clogging up the interface.
    2) As a mage, I heal quite often and dps quite often. Having both dps and hps on the same meter in a quickly sorted and easily managed display that also takes up minimal screen space is extremely useful.
    3) Ease of checking other numbers. Super Meter can easily show numbers such as heals taken (to detect how a boss heals for example) or absorbed damage (to see who is doing the most damage to shields on shield mob on Progenitor or on the Collosi(sp?) on Breaker) or any other number of useful numbers with just two clicks - one to open the menu and one to choose the number.

    That said, Rift Meter is a great dps meter as well. In fact, I would recommend that your guild run a mix of dps meters and share data with each other. This is, IMO, better than you trying to run multiple dps meters yourself. Sometimes the data won't quite agree between meters and it can be useful to have both sets of numbers. Other times (Regulos or other multi-portal encounters) having multiple people running a variety of meters is the only way to get full data since most meters will only parse the side that you are on and won't cover anything done by the other group.

    Aside from in-game meters, you have tools like Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) which is a very thorough parser but is also considerably more complex. ACT is great for dummy parsing because you don't have to worry as much about real-time numbers as you do checking and double checking specific ability data after your parse is complete. I'd much rather see a 4 min ACT parse as "proof" of numbers than I would a Super Meter or Rift Meter screenshot since the ACT parse will break down those numbers very thoroughly. Then there's online tools like Hypatia that go into even more detail including things like Buff/Debuff uptime, advanced death and failure reporting, player and guild "leaderboards", and even a full log browser for those inclined to manually scan the combat logs line by line.
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    rift meter is the most accurate DPS meter in-game, other people get different numbers because combat starts and ends differently for different players, this is true of any in-game parser.

    If you want true accuracy then you need to use ACT parser which is a 3rd party program from back in the old EQ days, everyone used it before in-game addons were developed. It's a pain to use but if you don't find rift meter accurate enough then it's your only option.

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