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Thread: [ADDON] Super Meter

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    Default [ADDON] Super Meter

    === Super Meter ===

    The Advanced In-Game Combat Parser

    ==== Features: ====

    * No library's and attention to addon CPU costs.
    * First ability tracking and 8 enter combat triggers.
    * Full pet tracking for group and non-group members.
    * 14 combat modes: Damage, healing, absorbs, blocks etc.
    * Auto force start combat and auto force end combat features.
    * Absorb to heal tracking and converter, Filters need translating.
    * Highly detailed standard and advanced breakdowns by ability, Including damage type.
    * Session manager: Where you can delete, export, import, rename or view a specific session.
    * 3 unit display styles: White text, calling coloured text or calling coloured bars.
    * Player session combat logs and session death logs with event coloured text.
    * Export stats for both allies and enemies and log entry's for players.
    * Merge all sessions: To view all sessions as one.

    ==== Slash Commands: ====

    * /sm - Toggles the Super Meter options bar
    * /sm switch - Toggles Super Meter On/Off.
    * /sm toggle - Toggles view of the main frame.
    * /sm reset - Resets the addons settings.

    ==== Add Or Remove Filters: ====

    * Open "SuperMeter-Filter.lua" with wordpad or similar.
    * Copy any line and paste it in the section you wish to edit, then rename it.
    * Backup your changes to a text file.
    * Then simply /reloadui in game.

    ==== Install Instructions ====

    * Press the escape button in game, select addons and disable Super Meter.
    * Press the "open addon" directory button.
    * Delete any old versions of Super Meter.
    * Install the new version of Super Meter.
    * Enable Super Meter in game.

    ==== Author: ====

    * Ferather@Gelidra

    ==== Credits: ====

    * All past Rift parser addon author's for paving the way.

    ==== Links: ====

    * http://www.riftui.com/downloads/author-1900.html
    * http://www.curse.com/addons/rift/super-meter

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    I use this addon. Thank you!
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    == Super Meter v 2.40 ==

    > Upgrades and Fixes!

    * Attention: New globals and frame settings please type '/sm reset' after updating.

    * Added custom slot sizes using the mouse wheel on the unit slot counter.
    * The session index now accepts mouse wheel input to change sessions.
    * Tooltips can now be moved using left mouse drag and sticky mode.
    * Increased the maximum cap on the units display to 28 units.
    * Some colour tweaks for the units display and session logs.
    * Updates for the Super Meter help file and UI elements.
    * Updated the addon environment to version 2.4.

    Im just the hands at the keyboard, Most of the ideas come from the community. YW Though
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    I use this addon and I must say I think it is the best one of it's kind out there. It's really handy to see DPS/HPS live during a event. Thank you for this handy addon!

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    Default Odd issue

    I've been using Super Meter forever, I love it. However the last month or so for some reason it disappears offscreen I can only see the bottom 3 ppl and the totals in the upper right corner of the screen. I've disabled it, removed it via curse which included in-game settings, deleted the directory, then re-installed. Was fine initially but after a few minutes it did it again. Anyone else have this happen or have any suggestions?

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    I love Super Meter, and always recommend it.
    The combat detection has to be my favorite feature. This is why Super Meter is better than anything else. I've suggested that there be a 5 to 10 second window of no attacking/damage to trigger the end of combat, but otherwise this feature makes the add-on for me.

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    Error: SuperMeter/SuperMeter-Data.lua:39: attempt to index local 'v3' (a number value)
    In SuperMeter / Addon Load, event Event.Addon.Load.End
    stack traceback:
    SuperMeter/SuperMeter-Data.lua:39: in function 'Clean'
    SuperMeter/SuperMeter-UI.lua:2288: in function 'Display'
    SuperMeter/SuperMeter-UI.lua:2352: in function 'Slots'
    SuperMeter/SuperMeter-UI.lua:2283: in function 'Display'
    SuperMeter/SuperMeter-Load.lua:42: in function <SuperMeter/SuperMeter-Load.lua:36>

    Any idea why SM is throwing these errors? Happens both on my desktop and my laptop, have tried everything I can think of to resolve the issue.
    what is this I don't even

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    No one has this issue, eh?
    what is this I don't even

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    I had an issue but I can't remember if it is the same as yours. It turns out I screwed up. I added the Oracle shields but forgot the comma after the "true" term. Once I added the comma the add one worked properly. Did you perhaps add anything in the filter file? If so check your formating. If not...no clue sorry.
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    Default updated SuperMeter-Filters.lua

    Is anyone maintaining an update to date SuperMeter-Filters.lua file?

    Maybe in google docs or something?

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    This addon is no longer being maintained, though I believe the original author is working on a newer version that will replace super meter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noshei View Post
    This addon is no longer being maintained, though I believe the original author is working on a newer version that will replace super meter.


    Quote Originally Posted by Ferather View Post
    Hi all.

    Yes its been almost 8 months but im back

    I have begun compiling a new addon from scratch that will replace 'Super Meter'.

    The new addon will be smaller, smarter and use less resources than before.

    RGM - Rift Game Manager

    > Full combat parsing with combat logs for players, and an absorb to heal converter.

    > Player, player pet, group and group pet combat detection.

    > Instance sync for addon data sharing with units out of event range.

    > Programmable cast bar, which can display specific ability/spell names only.

    > Programmable buff/debuff tracker, Hopefully will add alot of options such as 'In combat only' etc.

    > Extra friendly user interface with options to disable features.

    > No addon library requirement, all code needed is self contained.

    Features may start more simple at the start of the addon launch, And may be improved over time.

    Addon is currently being built with 'Super Meter CPU Monitor' enabled, This allows me to see efficiency of codes used. Due to this it may take a while before the addon is totally complete as I am aiming to make the resources needed to run the addon in full as small as possible.

    I will add posts of parts that are completed and then start to put out betas for testing.
    Asia's best cleric

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    i was able to add all of the new shields in just fine but i have been having trouble getting defiler links to be counted in the healing parse at all. anybody have any luck doing this?
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    I just wanted to point out that Super Meter works without problems in Tartaric Depths and will not be reset during the battle.
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    Mega necro ;D

    But yeah, Super Meter still works fine and is actually (maybe apart from ACT) the only decent way to check out shielding "HPS". I still use it together with Rift Meter.

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