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    OK thank you so much, it's fixed! I was just deleting the addon and reinstalling and it wasn't deleting that lua file. I pulled it to desktop, re-enabled, logged my toons, all good! I can't live without this mod LOL, again, thank you so much!
    Last edited by Rhaevyn; 09-04-2016 at 08:11 AM. Reason: Fixed problem

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    Unhappy Error every time I use it

    I get the following error every time I use this add on

    Error: performance warning
    In ImhoBags / ItemContainer[bank].systemUpdateBegin
    stack traceback:
    LibAsyncTextures/Main.lua:106: in function 'SetTextureAsync'
    ImhoBags/frames/ItemButton_simple.lua:85: in function 'SetIcon'
    ImhoBags/frames/ItemButton.lua:193: in function 'SetItem'
    ImhoBags/ItemContainer/Layouter.lua:223: in function 'replaceIdsWithButtons'
    ImhoBags/ItemContainer/Layouter.lua:260: in function 'sortItemsAndCreateButtons'
    ImhoBags/ItemContainer/Layouter.lua:361: in function 'UpdateItems'
    ImhoBags/ItemContainer/Display.lua:143: in function 'systemUpdateBegin'
    ImhoBags/ItemContainer/Display.lua:376: in function <ImhoBags/ItemContainer/Display.lua:376>

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    Exclamation imhobags player macro?


    How do you make this Macro? I entered it in the macro window, and it doesnt let me save it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Napi View Post

    How do you make this Macro? I entered it in the macro window, and it doesnt let me save it.
    A macro has to have an icon, either select one (press the question mark), or use #show <ability> to use the icon of the ability.
    -- xcal

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    Never mind, I figured it out.
    Last edited by Tazendra; 01-11-2017 at 10:01 AM.
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    Unhappy errors again

    Error: Incorrect function usage.
    Parameters: "prizeticket"
    Parameter types: string
    Function documentation:
    Provides detailed information about items.
    item = Inspect.Item.Detail(item) -- table <- item
    item = Inspect.Item.Detail(itemtype) -- table <- itemtype
    item = Inspect.Item.Detail(slot) -- table <- slot
    items = Inspect.Item.Detail(slot) -- table <- slot
    items = Inspect.Item.Detail(elements) -- table <- table
    elements: A table of slot specifiers, item IDs, or item types.
    item: A single item ID.
    itemtype: A single item type.
    slot: A single slot specifier.
    Return values:
    item: Detail table for a single item.
    items: Detail tables for all requested items. The key is the string used to lookup, the value is the item's detail table.
    Returned members:
    bind: The item's binding type. May be "equip", "use", "pickup", or "account".
    bound: The item's bound flag.
    category: The item's type category.
    coin: The amount of silver this item represents.
    cooldown: The cooldown for using this item.
    cooldownBegin: The time the current cooldown started, in the context of Inspect.Time.Frame.
    cooldownDuration: Duration of the current cooldown the item is influenced by, in seconds.
    cooldownExpired: Number of seconds the current cooldown is past its expiration time. Generally indicates lag.
    cooldownRemaining: Time remaining in the item's current cooldown, in seconds.
    crafter: The name of the player who crafted this item.
    damageDelay: If a weapon, the delay between autoattacks using this weapon.
    damageMax: If a weapon, the maximum damage done by a single hit with this item.
    damageMin: If a weapon, the minimum damage done by a single hit with this item.
    damageType: If a weapon, the damage type done by autoattacks. Values include "life", "death", "air", "earth", "fire", and "water".
    description: The description of this item.
    flavor: The flavor text for this item.
    fragmentAffinity: The planar type of the planar fragment.
    fragmentTier: The pairing rating of the stats for the planar fragment.
    icon: Resource filename of the item's icon.
    id: The ID of the requested element.
    infusionLevel: The current level of a planar fragment.
    lootable: Indicates that the item contains loot.
    mountAquatic: Indicates that the mount is aquatic.
    mountAutoscale: Indicates if the mount autoscales to your fastest mount speed.
    mountSpeed: The speed of your character while mounted.
    name: The item's name.
    range: If a ranged weapon, the maximum range of this item.
    rarity: The item's rarity. Values include "sellable", "uncommon", "rare", "epic", "relic", "transcendent", or "quest". Common items have a rarity of nil.
    requiredCalling: Space-delimited list of the required callings to use this item.
    requiredFaction: The ID of the faction required to use this item.
    requiredFactionLevel: The faction notoriety required to use this item.
    requiredLevel: The level required to use this item.
    requiredPrestige: The prestige rank required to use this item.
    requiredSkill: The skill required to use this item.
    requiredSkillLevel: The skill level required to use this item.
    sell: The sell value of this item, in silver.
    slots: If a container, the number of slots that this item can contain.
    stack: The size of this item stack.
    stackMax: The maximum size of this item stack.
    stats: The base stats of this item. Members may include "armor", "block", "critAttack", "critPower", "critSpell", "dexterity", "dodge", "endurance", "energyMax", "energyRegen", "hit", "intelligence", "manaMax", "manaRegen", "movement", "powerAttack", "powerMax", "powerRegen", "powerSpell", "resistAir", "resistAll", "resistDeath", "resistEarth", "resistFire", "resistLife", "resistWater", "stealth", "stealthDetect", "strength", and "wisdom".
    statsRune: The added rune stats of this item. May contain the same members as stats.
    statsRuneTemporary: The added temporary rune stats of this item. May contain the same members as stats.
    type: The item's type specifier.
    In ImhoBags / storageLoaded, event Event.ImhoBags.Private.StorageLoaded
    stack traceback:
    [C]: ?
    [C]: in function 'InspectItemDetail'
    ImhoBags/ItemContainer/ItemSet.lua:154: in function 'UpdateCurrency'
    ImhoBags/ItemContainer/Display.lua:129: in function 'eventCurrency'
    ImhoBags/ItemContainer/Display.lua:363: in function 'Display'
    ImhoBags/windows/ItemWindowTemplate/WindowFrame.lua:267: in function 'WindowFrame'
    ImhoBags/UxMain.lua:29: in function <ImhoBags/UxMain.lua:23>
    [C]: in function 'StorageLoaded'
    ImhoBags/Item/Storage.lua:87: in function <ImhoBags/Item/Storage.lua:68>

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    Strange I use it and never get errors must be something new
    Have you ever wanted to?

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    Default error update

    i updated this addon and now i get this error;

    Error: ImhoBags/windows/SearchWindow.lua:195: ImhoBags/windows/SearchWindow.lua:206: attempt to index local 'detail' (a nil value)
    In ImhoBags / SearchWindow_eventSystemUpdateBegin, event Event.System.Update.Begin
    stack traceback:
    [C]: ?
    [C]: in function 'assert'
    ImhoBags/windows/SearchWindow.lua:195: in function <ImhoBags/windows/SearchWindow.lua:185>

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    I might try to look at it when I have some time, but what were you doing when this happened?
    I don't have any error with it, also do you have the latest version (the one on curse)?
    Updated KBM for 4.3

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    How would I go about deleting certain characters from the addon?

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    Question Help resetting inventory bag location!

    On one of my toons the inventory/bag location is apparently off screen.

    I've tried everything including deleting all files and uninstalling the app, yes even the files in the saved folder under rift. first I tried deleting the info for that toon and server in the imhobags.lua, then i tried to delete the file, and still no success, so I've even completely uninstalled and deleted and reinstalled twice and the bag is still off screen

    I know it's off screen because all the other bags including vault show up on screen, so it's not an error.

    Anyone? HELP? it's only this one toon and I'm at a loss, Thanks

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