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Thread: Can't seem to access Crated Items

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    Default Can't seem to access Crated Items

    Trying to ease the process of uncrating dimension items but:

    While Inspect.Dimension.Layout.List() does indeed return the full list of dimension items with true or false values indicating if they are crated or not, Inspect.Dimension.Layout.Detail() always returns nil when passed a crated item.

    Command.Dimension.Layout.Pickup() does nothing when passed the id of a dimension item, and Command.Dimension.Layout.Place emits an error about incorrect usage when told to place dimension items. Additionally I tried Inspect.Item.Detail to see if crated items were considered inventory items, but nil again

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    We worked on trying to offer an easier way to unload and pick up items from the moving crate when making Dimension Tools or making these items go straight to bags but could not, discovered instead how to use dimension items from banks so not a lost effort. The moving crate is a separate UI all together as the items in it count toward the capacity limit for dimensions. Not sure this helps in any way but offering the "counts toward capacity limit" info as food for thought.
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