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Thread: Controlling UI Z-Order

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    Default Controlling UI Z-Order

    I havn't been able to discern particularly from other Addons how they do this, but when I arrange Frames to form a UI I frequently get things under other things in unexpected ways.

    I had assumed that the "context" parameter from CreateFrame would (a) strictly ensure that all child objects would be on top, and- given a particular parent Frame, more recently created Frames with the same owner frame/context would again strictly be on top of previously created Frames.

    Well strata somehow comes into play but I don't see much use of it in other addons that do - seemingly - seem to arrange layers of frames properly.

    So whats the actual way of ensuring my UI's front to back order is preserved?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenZomie View Post

    So whats the actual way of ensuring my UI's front to back order is preserved?
    Children are always drawn after parents, and you can use other frames as parents, not just contexts.

    So basically only use the context for the first background frame, and then parent anything else to the background.
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