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Thread: Igor lives

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    Default Igor lives

    Igor is my first Rift addon.
    Trying to figure out whats what and whats not Igor at the moment is all about debugging the rift environment.

    Hosted: https://github.com/chrisbecke/Igor

    Igor currently supports the following utility commands

    /igor -help                                 prints help
    /igor dump <dumpparams> <target>            prints lua globals
    where dumpparams is any mix of
        md - wrap output with markdown friendly syntax
        values - show the values of each enumerated member
        recurse - enumerate into tables
        path - print members with the full root relative name
        meta - if the target has a metatable, with a valid __index, recurse against that.
    and target is a valid lua global
    /igor list [<pattern>]                      searches documentation
    where pattern is a lua style matching pattern.
    lists the names of Inspector Documentation entries that match the pattern.
    /igor doc <docname>                         shows a documentation entry
    where docname is the name of an Inspector Documentation entry
    prints the full human readable doc of the entry to the console
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