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Thread: SFP Buff ID's for Addons

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    Default SFP Buff ID's for Addons

    I have summarized the most important Buff IDs, if someone wants to update an addon.

    Mage, Cleric:
    Faetouched Powerstone = r143A1D7A79A201D6
    Visionary Brightsurge Vial = B76F46FAB030D4A53
    Prophetic Brightsurge Vial = B599B39134D958B4F
    Gedlo Curry Pot (SP) = B40C3D8E2646C6DD1

    Rogue, Warrior, Primalist:
    Atramentium Whetstone = rFA65F5184E42C822
    Atramentium Oilstone = r70B0A3843EC153B8
    Visionary Powersurge Vial = B6A8C5F8110D4EFBB
    Prophetic Powersurge Vial = B03ABEAB575CC9A8E
    Gedlo Curry Pot (AP) = B40C3D8E43D686C51

    Legendary Flaring Power = B14A2E6D609F79153
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