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Thread: Resizing with 4K Monitor

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    Default Resizing with 4K Monitor

    I recently upgraded my monitor to a 4K Samsung. Backed it up with a Nvidia 1060 6G video card. Love the graphics (enjoying the artwork) and am getting great FPS. My problem is that there are many windows that can't be resized. Character screen is one. For the ones that can be resized it is limited. Also the font size in chat is limited too.
    Is/are the Dev's currently working on unlocking ALL the windows for resizing? If not could you bring it up at the next meeting. I am sure that going forward many people will be moving up to 4K. Having the option/ability to resize and customize windows would be beneficial for all, not just the 4K players.

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    They can be resized large enough for a 4K monitor, I have a Samsung 4K monitor as well and it works without a problem. You could also try using Gadgets as an UI. (:
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