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Thread: API to get player's facing direction?

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    Default API to get player's facing direction?

    Is there any API to get the direction the player is facing?
    API to get player's facing direction?-mqmad2a.png

    In the above image, the player is facing at an angle of ~150 degree if we take the north as the reference (0 degree)

    I know there's an outOfRange member to check if you are facing a target,
    but what about when you have no target?
    eg. an add-on that points the direction you should be going to reach a location/resource (eg. gathering/artifact nodes)
    It's possible to calculate this mathematically if the toon is moving, based on the change in coordinates, but this is both complicated and inaccurate if the toon is moving erratically, and not computable when the toon is stationary.

    If it doesn't exist yet, please add it as a member to Inspect.Unit.Detail(), name it something like 'facingDirection' with a floating point value between 0 and 359 (in degree, relative to the north)
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    Bump for support for this, writing an add on that would utilise this if it was available.

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