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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: Bug in ID for Saint Taranis faction on 64-bit client

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    Default Bug in ID for Saint Taranis faction on 64-bit client

    Problem: On the 64-bit client only, the Faction Panel of the Gadgets addon does not display Saint Taranis.



    Why do I think this is an API problem?

    I ran /script dump(Inspect.Faction.List()).
    On the 32-bit client, Saint Taranis' ID is:
    f 7F 7A C8 77 24 43 AC 3D
    On the 64-bit client, the ID is:
    f 7F 7A C8 78 24 43 AC 3D
    And on 64-bit, Inspect.Faction.Detail() returns nil for both IDs.

    Shal Korva is also missing on 64-bit.
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    FYI, its not limited to just these 2 notoriety. I took a closer look, there is like a dozen that are off.

    I submitted my bug report in game. I dont know if they will fix it, but yeah, huge difference.

    "So there is a huge difference with the Gadgets addon between 32bit and 64 bit. The Faction panel in 64bit cannot see a large number of factions when 32 bit rift can see them. here's a list of factions that I have started and can see in my character window but not in 64 bit addon: Emp Alliance, Hailol, Iron Claw, Necropolis, Quicksilver Scholars, Shal Korva, Achyati, Farclan, Cerulean Rhenke, Pelagic Order, Menduicant Order, Order of Death Flame, Saint Taranis, Runic Sages, Whitefall Brigade"


    Bug in ID for Saint Taranis faction on 64-bit client-2017-01-22_140308.jpgBug in ID for Saint Taranis faction on 64-bit client-2017-01-22_140450.jpg

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    I have compiled both reports into our internal tracking and assigned it to our engineering team to investigate.

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    Default Defiant

    Here are the factions that are missing for Defiants:

    Ally Factions:
    The Achyati
    Shal Korva
    Necropolis Caretakers
    Empyreal Alliance

    Nightmare Tide Factions:
    Cerulean Rhenke
    Pelagic Order

    Warfront Factions:
    The Seekers
    The Storm Guard

    Rift Factions:
    The Grim Disciples
    The Shale Collegiate

    Prophecy of Ahnket Factions:
    Saint Taranis

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    It's not just limited to faction, it also occurs with both Prefix and Suffix Titles. I only use the 64-bit version, so I've only tested this against this.

    My goal was in creating a means to change either your prefix or suffix titles "on the fly" so to speak, w/o needing to hunt through an unsorted listed of hundreds of names within the character screen. The goal being, for example, is that when I swap to a healing role (I'm a Warrior) I could change my title to Counselor Dimples the Liberator. Or when I jump into a warfront, I would be Sergeant Dimples the Destroyer. All of this from within a person's Change Role Macro, or from within the Add-On Roles. I can't recall them all that are posing an issue, but I know that the Guardian prefix Dame, cannot be located.

    All this w/o spending what feels like many, many minutes just trying to find the name.

    I have it all written, even includes a routine that lists out all the available prefixes and suffixes for the character, but some do not appear for ones that do exist within the character window.

    I'm testing whether you wish to change your Prefix or Suffix name to the passed name with:

     function GetTitleID(sTitleName, bUsePrefix)
      local asTitlesID = Inspect.Title.List()
      local asTitleDetails = {}
      sTitleID = ""
      stmpID = ""
      stmpTitleName = string.lower(sTitleName)
      for sTitleID, dummy in pairs(asTitlesID) do
        asTitleDetails = Inspect.Title.Detail(sTitleID)
        if (asTitleDetails) then
          stmpID = asTitleDetails["id"]
          stmpNameFemale = string.lower(asTitleDetails["nameFemale"])
          stmpNameMale = string.lower(asTitleDetails["nameMale"])
          bIsPrefix = (asTitleDetails["prefix"] == true)
          if (bIsPrefix == bUsePrefix) then
            if ((stmpTitleName == stmpNameFemale) or (stmpTitleName == stmpNameMale)) then
              return stmpID
      return nil
    There are also ones that can be located with the above snippet, but when when you attempt to change it with "Command.Title.Suffix(sTitleID)" it will error out (I cannot recall the exact error code that is returned) but the gist of the error is that the returned sTitleID is an invalid ID associated with the actual display prefix/suffix name.

    Setting either the prefix or suffix to nil does as intended though by removing either depending on whether you're using "Command.Title.Prefix(nil)" or "Command.Title.Suffix(nil)".

    I'd give a full list, but hand typing in all the prefixes and suffixes that my main character (Dimples) has listed in the Character window would take me the better part of an entire day, which I'm not feeling in the mindset of performing. As I'm quite busy closing an estimated 1,000,000 rifts, multi-hundred experts, multi-thousand invasions, etc. Ok, not quite a million rifts , but at times it feels like that many.

    Hopefully I've given enough info for this to be looked at, and that the solution is a simple fix for y'all.

    To obtain the list of all the seen Prefix and Suffix names, along with their associated ID's, I'm using:

    function ListMyTitles()
      local asTitlesID = Inspect.Title.List()
      local asTitleDetails = {}
      print("\tUnit ID\tMale Title\tFemale Title\tPre/Suf")
      for sTitleID, dummy in pairs(asTitlesID) do
        asTitleDetails = Inspect.Title.Detail(sTitleID)
        if (asTitleDetails) then
          stmpID = EnsureNotNil(asTitleDetails["id"])
          stmpNameFemale = EnsureNotNil(asTitleDetails["nameFemale"])
          stmpNameMale = EnsureNotNil(asTitleDetails["nameMale"])
          bIsPrefix = (asTitleDetails["prefix"] == true)
          if (bIsPrefix) then sPS = "Prefix" else sPS = "Suffix" end
            print("\t" .. stmpID .. "\t" .. stmpNameMale .. "\t" .. stmpNameFemale .. "\t" .. sPS)
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