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Thread: Suggestion for a new add on

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    Default Suggestion for a new add on

    Please excuse, as I am a relatively new player I could be wrong here. Would it be possible to have an add on that catches links send by players in private or guild chat to the windows clipboard? An add on of this type was available in world of warcraft and, if memory serves, it was called linkcatcher. It could be very handy for people sharing views of possible builds, forum threads etc etc.
    Would I increase my chances of getting something like that if I were to say pretty please?
    please ignore and accept apologies if such an add on exists.
    Thank you

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    Pretty sure addon API does not allow reading chat, so this isn't possible.
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    Accept that the egregious and obvious mistake you want fixed may be implemented by design and may not be a mistake at all.
    If we see it as an egregious and obvious mistake, maybe there should be more communication to tell us that it is not?
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    An alternative to this is to type /log before someone posts a link. This will turn on normal text logging. You can then find log.txt in where your Screenshots and Interface folders are
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