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Thread: Send a message with an addon

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    Post Send a message with an addon


    I show you the problem with my addon:

    1.In One game, I write my command in the chat window
    2. The addon does its job.
    3 .A the end, sending a private mesage to another player (name Register in adddon)

    My problem is that can not implement the part 3. I will uppose that it must use the "EventMacroSet" but did not.

    If anyone has a simple example of implementation that I could study.

    Thank you for your help.

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    You can't send chat messages directly (on purpose, I suppose).
    Event Macros do just what they imply, they get triggered on a frame event (like mouse klick etc.) so you always need some user input, i.e. you can only automate the macro creation, but not the execution.
    Also you can only set macros on restricted frames and when you're not in secure mode (i.e. not in combat)

    There are plenty examples in addons, Gadgets uses them for unit frames, Gadgets Outfitter for role changes and chat notifications, Rift Meter for reports etc.
    Dimension Addon 'Tinker Tools' is now available on Curse!
    Or grab the latest development code on GitHub.

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