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Thread: Inspect.Ability.New.List() no longer functioning?

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    Default Inspect.Ability.New.List() no longer functioning?

    I'm trying to add FK's Suspended Reanimation to my local copy of KBM, but when I try to get the ability information - through either Inspect.Ability.List() or Inspect.Ability.New.List() - I get no data back. I'm using LuaPad's Inspect feature, and inspecting Ability returns nil.

    Anyone know how we can get the ID codes now, or happen to have the ID for Suspended Reanimation handy?
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    Inspect.Ability.New.List() is working just fine.
    You're just using LuaPad (which btw. doesn't even load properly for me due to its age) wrong apparently.

    entering Inspect.Ability.New into the "Variable/Table" field if the Inspector gives something like:
    Inspect.Ability.New.List = function: 0x1e62e118
    Inspect.Ability.New.Detail = function: 0x1e62e1a0
    Those are functions, to get your ability IDs, you need to execute them of course.
    Easiest way would be to just paste this in your chat:
    /script dump(Inspect.Ability.New.List())
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